How to Write a Book in Notion

Tanya Moushi
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In the last 18 months I've used Notion for a lot of things: Process Docs, Daily Sprints, Client Proposals, but perhaps the most significant way I've used it recently was to write my book! It turns out that a lot of people are interested in doing the same thing.

Benefits of Using Notion for Writing, Editing and Organizing Your Book

  • Easy-to-organize Board View for Chapter Ideas
  • Pipeline structure for ideation, writing, editing, and refining
  • Clean writing canvas and mobile app for jotting down ideas
  • Easily add notes, excerpts, links, images and embeds to ideas
  • Share chapters and get feedback with a single page-specific link

Why did I make this available to the public?

There was a ton of comments, questions, and likes when I announced that I was using Notion to write my book. Figured I could share the template and video overview of how to use it to get other writers started. People seemed to really love this use case.

This template and video is quick and efficient. It's meant to get you up and running quickly not suck up an hour of your time trying to understand how to use it. I hope that's beneficial to you. But if you have some feedback and want to share it with me, please do! You can always send me a note via email at (yes, .co!) or send me a DM on twitter.

I want this!

Here's what you'll get...

Ready to Use
10 minutes
Written Instructions
For those who prefer reading
Writing Group
Format & Launch Checklist


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How to Write a Book in Notion

8 ratings
I want this!