Squarespace Web Design Checklist

Tanya Moushi

Designing your own Squarespace Website? This checklist will make sure you cover your bases and give you a few powerful tools for making your SS website even better. Make this checklist work for you by adapting it to your needs. 

We'll cover 8 Key Areas:

  • Content

  • Build

  • Quality

  • SEO & Analytics

  • Pre-Launch

  • Marketing

  • Launch

  • Post-Launch

Note: Some items like a donation button (great for non-profits) or product descriptions (for any type of commerce) may not be applicable to you right now but are included anyway––just incase you want to include them in the future. 

PLUS: There's a 4 minute video instructional of how to add blog posts (the biggest SEO boost you can give your site) for the newbies.

Ps: If you haven't used Notion, you will love it. It's free to use, easy to work with, and works beautifully on a mobile device. 

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Live Notion Template (Digital), Printable PDF (Letter + A4 Size), Access to Updates and Improvements

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Squarespace Web Design Checklist

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